Marinade Injector

Marinade Injector


A Marinade Injector is a syringe with a long metal needle that allows you to, like the name says, inject your marinade directly into a piece of meat, or vegetables. The idea behind adding flavor inside your food is to fuse the taste of the meat with a nice marinade, instead of adding it onto the meat. There is a variety of liquids you can fill your meat with. From soy sauce to hot sauce, you can give your meat a wide range of new and interesting flavors.



Extremely high demand: Shipping takes 1-3 weeks for US and 2-6 weeks for international delivery.


It's time to cook those steaks you've been dreaming about.  The Marinade Injector has been underused through the years but now you will understand its true power and how it can create the tastiest meat.

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