Dragon Ball Z - Shift Knob

Dragon Ball Z - Shift Knob


All true Dragon Ball Z fans dream of finding all the 7 Dragon Balls. But why search for them when you can have one right in the palm of your hand? Always. While driving. Sounds cool? Yup, check this shift knob – you will definitely love it. All of the Dragon Balls are 2 inches in Diameter – so they will fit great in your hands! These shift knobs are made of high-quality materials, so they don’t get scratches easily. Each has a metal threaded insert, so they won’t strip and they are threaded to fit just about any car! They will definitely add personality to your car and ensure a fun, playful drive!



Extremely high demand: Shipping takes 1-3 weeks for US and 2-6 weeks for international delivery.


Handle your ride like a true Super Saiyan by replacing your boring old shift knob with a Dragon Ball. This custom car mod will just about fit any manual transmission.

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