Soft Cat nail caps (60 pcs)

Soft Cat nail caps (60 pcs)


A safe alternative to declawing, these caps fit right over your feline’s nails with the help of some kitty-safe adhesive. Working to prevent snags and scratches by covering up those sharp ends, these nail caps protect your clothing, furniture and even your skin from those unsuspecting swipes—and they’re totally safe and easy to apply! And for the fun-loving kitties, there’s even variety of colors to glam things up.

Key Benefits

  • Nail caps provide a safe alternative to declawing to stop all snags and scratches.
  • Covers the nail completely while allowing normal extension and retraction of claws.
  • Applied with included adhesive and will shed as your cat’s nails grow; generally in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Easy to apply and vinyl resin material is totally safe for cats. Choose from a variety of fun colors!
  • X-small fits cats under 5 pounds, small fits cats 6 to 8 pounds, medium fits cats 9 to 13 pounds, and large fits cats over 13 pounds.



Extremely high demand: Shipping takes 1-3 weeks for US and 2-6 weeks for international delivery.



60 caps, non-toxic glue and applicator, instructions.


  • Step 1: Trim cat’s nail so that kitty caps will be able to cover nail completely
  • Step 2: Fill no more than 50% of each kitty cap with adhesive
  • Step 3: Try to expose as much of the cat’s claw as possible to apply cap to nail.

Kitty Caps will fall off as your cats nails grow and shed, generally 4-8 weeks after application.

Its also works with dogs. 

X-Smal -   Up to 5lbs
Small  -   6 – 8 lbs
Medium  -   9 – 13 lbs
Large -   13 lbs & Above

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